Thursday, August 18, 2005

BTK Killer

Did any of you see the court hearing today, where the victims' family spewed their anger towards the monster? Some of the family members were reserved and quiet, trying not to let him see the pain that he had caused in their lives. But some had really moving messages. Some called him a "walking cesspool", a "demon", and a hideous "monster". Telling him how dare he associate himself with their religion
( Christianity), and what gave him the right to take away their loved ones. There were sons, daughters, husbands, and friends..

Dennnis Rader is an animal, who deserves to be put to death. But was sentenced to the maximum punishment available- life in prison. I hope that God has some special punishment/ torture saved up for him in hell. The BTK killer looked annoyed and angry in the courthouse, no remorse. No feeling. I am really upset that he was not eligable for the death penalty, but that is the law. The families now have to move on, leaving him to rot in a prison cage for the rest of his life, waiting for his eternal punishment at the hands of the Almighty God.


  • I haven't read anything on him. He sounds pretty awful! I hope God speaks to him and changes his heart while he is in prison.

    BTW, I wasn't shooting for fashion with the tye-dye. Those are SO not fashionable! :<)

    By Blogger Polka Dotted Pickles, at 6:31 PM  

  • MVB,

    He does deserve it...but don't we all. All of us have been angry, some of us at multiple people, and we are therefore no better than this man here.

    From the little bit of footage that I did see, I didn't see any annoyance of anger - actually, I saw torment and pain and intense sorrow - someone who mourns the grief he has caused. Either of us could be right, that I'll grant, but I pray that he comes to Christ and finds that true forgiveness that God has gifted us with.

    By Blogger David Ketter, at 10:13 PM  

  • You're right, Ketter. We all deserve death. I don't know what to say. He is such a terrible, vile person, that it is hard to pray for him. To pray that he finds the love , comfort, and mercy of God after showing none to his victims; to pray that God saves his life when he went and mercilessly took so many is very, very hard. But yes, you are right we are no better than he is. I guess I got a little carried away.

    By Blogger MVB, at 10:37 PM  

  • No, we never found the nest, but I know it was under the huge pine tree in our front yard.

    By Blogger Polka Dotted Pickles, at 10:22 AM  

  • Oh, I see... :)

    By Blogger MVB, at 11:38 AM  

  • Hi MVB! Thanks for stopping by my site. I've never been to yours, but what I've read so far is great. I'll be visiting more frequently.


    By Blogger Kristin, at 6:44 PM  

  • Sounds like a all around pretty bad guy. I was thinking the same things as others have already commented on.

    By Blogger Tash, at 7:52 PM  

  • I can't believe you actually read "Ben-Hur". Isn't that book huge?

    By Blogger Polka Dotted Pickles, at 9:43 PM  

  • Yeah, it was long, but it was a really, really good book. One of the best I've ever read. :)

    By Blogger MVB, at 9:54 AM  

  • Hey I really like your blog. I have seen the movie Ben-hur! lol I know you are supposed to read the book first and then watch the movie,but I was bad and watched the movie first! oops!

    By Blogger ballerina4him, at 3:46 PM  

  • I have a Ben-Hur edition published in 1880! I just bought it two weeks's in amazingly good condition...and it was under $10!

    By Blogger David Ketter, at 10:14 PM  

  • Wow! 1880! I bought a copy of Ben-Hur, last week at a used book store, a really nice copy. Anyway, I think that Ben-Hur is one of the greatest novels ever written. It was much better than the movie.

    By Blogger MVB, at 10:18 PM  

  • You know, I still haven't read it-I finally read Pride and Prejudice though; I love that book!

    By Blogger Sara, at 10:53 PM  

  • I guess this thread has gotten a little off topic.... :)

    I've never read Pride or Predujice, but maybe I will soon. :) Have you ever read Ben Hur, Sara?

    By Blogger MVB, at 11:26 PM  

  • No, I have not read Ben Hur.

    By Anonymous Sara E, at 11:40 AM  

  • Yes, it has gone QUITE off the topic.:)You really should read Pride and Prejudice Zach- it's so good! Any my dad read it too, so it's not a sissy book or anything. No, I haven't read Ben-Hur yet- I want to though!

    By Blogger Sara, at 6:39 PM  

  • Ok, when I'm done reading Nicholas Nickleby and The Lost Tales, Book 1 ( Tolkien), than maybe I'll read Pride and Predujice. :)

    By Blogger MVB, at 10:17 PM  

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