Friday, October 28, 2005

Agent Tim Online, Blog of the Year!!!!!

Congratulations to Agent Tim!!!! His blog, Agent Tim Online has been overwhelmingly voted Blog of the Year!!! Once again, congratulations on your truly great blog!

I'm sure we all ( whoever we voted for) think that Agent Tim Online is a deserving recipient of this award!

Tim, you'll have to give yourself the graphic you made... :)


1. Agent Tim Online : 31% ( 40 votes)

2. Spunky Jr. : 21% (27 votes)

3. Strangely Normal: 12% ( 16 votes)

4. Pete's Place: 10% ( 13 votes)

5. The Account: 9% ( 12 votes)

6. Polka Dotted Pickles: 8% ( 11 votes)

7. Jen's Musings : 4% ( 5 votes)

Boy Scout Blogger: 4% (5 votes)

9. Mission 3:6teen: 1% ( 1 vote)

These percentages are approximated and the votes I hope are correct, my apologies if they are off by one.


Now I, MVB, want to thank everyone for participating in this event and voting. I especially want to thank those who have never been to my blog before and the parents and other relatives who took time out of their lives to come and vote. I know this election has been a success because of the 130 votes that were cast. Thankyou everybody!!



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