Wednesday, January 11, 2006

2: Heaven to find...

The continuation of the study on the Bible lessons taught in the New England Primer.

Heaven to find;The Bible Mind.

What does it mean to find heaven?

Finding heaven means reaching the saving knowledge of God, realizing and believing that there is indeed a God and a heaven. Once you have become saved, you have in essence, found heaven.

...and he that seeketh findeth... -Matthew 7:8

Where do you seek heaven?

In the Bible. Mind the Bible, read the Bible, and study the Bible. The Bible holds the answers to our spiritual questions. The Bible explains what heaven is, why it exists, and how to get there. In order to find heaven, mind the Bible.

Therefore, this lesson- Heaven to Find; the Bible Mind- is explaining that in order to discover the truths of heaven, in order to find heaven, we must mind the Bible.

The New England Primer was once taught throughout all the schools in America, but sadly these important Bible lessons have been completely removed from the nation's public schools. Pray that God will reveal these lessons to children, teens, and adults as well...


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